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Conference: Enforcement of European Union Law: New Horizons, on 19-20 September 2024 at King’s College London

Enforcement of European Union Law: New Horizons

Conference of the Jean Monnet Network on EU Law Enforcement (EULEN)

19 – 20 September 2024
King’s College London

The Centre of European Law at King’s College London is delighted to invite contributions to the conference ‘Enforcement European Union Law: New Horizons’, which will be held at King’s College London on 19 and 20 September 2024.

Theme of the Conference

With the expansion of Union law to ever wider areas of public and private domains, the enforcement of such law has become a central concern in the debate about the Future of Europe. We can observe a proliferation of new enforcement actors (such as financial agencies, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, competition networks) using a wide range of instruments (including new technologies) within a multilevel system of governance that engages these actors horizontally and vertically even outside the territory of the Member States. Enforcement raises therefore interesting issues that include concerns about the rule of law and the effectiveness of enforcement actions more generally, but also about the extra-territorial effect of their engagement and the challenges that enforcement needs to meet in light of cross-cutting challenges, such as use of digital technologies and climate change. In addition, recent findings from different disciplines, like socio-legal research, behavioural studies and law & economics, have been enriching our understanding on an important interaction between law and behaviour. This in turn can help us create better EU laws and legal systems which can promote the achievement of policy goals and protection of core values, in the EU.

The conference follows the insights gained from a project that was funded by the European Commission as part of the Jean Monnet Network on EU Law Enforcement (EULEN), but wants to explore new horizons that also include insights from other disciplines.

The conference will focus on four areas of particular interest in this field and will be organised alongside the following panels:

• Foundations of Enforcement (rule of law, competence issue, legislative design of enforcement, which may include empirical findings on enforcement in practice, etc.)
• New Challenges (digital law, AI, data, sustainable transition)
• External dimension (impact on third country persons in the EU; impact of enforcement actions in third countries)
• Interdisciplinary aspects (sociology, cybersecurity, political science, law & economics, behavioural studies, etc.)

We welcome abstract submissions from (teams of) academics (including PhD researchers) and practitioners (from private practice and public bodies) conducting research in the enforcement of European Union law in all its dimensions and from various (multi-disciplinary) angles.

For more information on the format of the conference and the instructions for submission, consult the below attachment.

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For further information, please contact:

The Dickson Poon School of Law Centres and Institute Team