Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)


Online Lectures Series

We will create a joint online lecture series on the recent developments and (new) challenges in EU law enforcement. The online lectures will shine some light on the pertinent issues in the three developments that EULEN is focusing on: decentralised, transnational and centralised enforcement.

Prof. Dr. Martin Böse (University of Bonn) – Towards a General Part of European Criminal Law? Scope and Limits of Harmonisation and the role of the ECJ

Dr. David Fernández Rojo (University of Deusto) – FRONTEX and the EU Agency for Asylum: Towards a Centralised Enforcement?

Dr. Mira Scholten (Utrecht University) – Enforcement of EU law: an overview

Dr. Sebastiaan Princen (Utrecht University) – Differentiated enforcement and level playing fields in the EU: a contradiction in terms?

Dr. Valeria Caforio (Bocconi University) – Decentralized Enforcement EU Competition Law

Dr. Luis Arroyo Jiménez and Teresa Pareja Sánchez (University of Castilla-La Mancha) – AI and EU law enforcement