Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)

YRP Projects Database

This is the public database of PhD and post-doctoral projects carried out by members of the EULEN YRP. Use the tags below to browse, or scroll down to see all of them.


Translating nature rules from the EU to the farmer: Dutch environmental cooperatives as regulatory intermediaries (by Edwin Alblas)

This research examines the potential of collective approaches in enhancing the effectiveness of agri-environmental policies, aimed at integrating biodiversity and landscape values into agricultural production processes. Within the EU context,... Read more →

The legitimacy of EU competition fines – a structural comparison of european and national criminal investigation mechanisms (by Oliver Jany)

The fines imposed by the Comission have tremendously increased over the recent years. Some scholars argue, they have always been or at least become “some sort of criminal law”. However,... Read more →