Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)


Whistleblowing as Private Law Enforcement: Strengthening Public Health, Privacy, and Anti-Corruption (by Arif Aksu)

The research project proposes to answer the question of how to better use whistleblowing as a tool of private law enforcement in the EU, particularly in the policy fields of privacy, data protection, public health, and anti-corruption. It does so by gathering empirical data through stakeholder interviews and an open survey as well as content…

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EU data protection: a super functional framework? Understanding and enhancing the functionality of EU data protection law for the benefit of fundamental rights in the area of information technologies (by Florence D’Ath)

This study conceptualizes the notion of legal functionality as the capability of a given law to provide practical tools to its addressees in order to achieve its objectives. This study then explores the functionality of EU data protection law with respect to its objective to ensure the respect of all the fundamental rights and freedoms…

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