Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)

EU Law enforcement

Towards an effective management of EU’s external borders (by Jordi Herrera)

Jordi’s project is focused on analyzing the current mechanisms and the main agencies and/or bodies charged with managing the EU’s external borders. Despite the remarkable evolution of the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, the need to develop cooperation and set up a legal framework related to the activities on the ground of EU…

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Effective enforcement and risk-based inspections supported by artificial intelligence (by Luca Megale)

The project focuses on setting up innovative risk-based food safety inspections with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The scope is to plan more targeted inspections, reduce related costs (for operators and public authorities, including the health system) and support voluntary compliance, which are all central elements for effective and efficient enforcement. Researcher: …

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Legislative differentiation and its impact on enforcement (by Michael Hübner)

Michael’s PhD research is about differentiation in EU legislation (e.g. national discretion). Traditionally, EU legislation was based on a model of European integration with uniform legal standards. However, the landscape of European legislation has gradually become much more heterogenic. Most notably, it includes discretion for Member States and individuals. This seems in line with (or…

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Artificial Intelligence and Public Law: European Law, Constitutional Principles and Administrative Procedures (by Anna Barbara Zejc)

The subject of my thesis is the investigation of the use of artificial intelligence in administrative procedures affecting  European citizens, in particular the possible impact it may have in regard to the fundamental rights, as well as under the general principles of European Union law. Researcher Ms. Anna Barbara Zejc – De Castro Abogados

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