Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)

judicial review

The transformation of discretionary power in European migration law. From unregulated executive freedom to sophisticated decision-making processes and (underestimated) inroads for migrant protection (by Jonas Bornemann)

In several national legal systems in Europe, early efforts to regulate immigration relied heavily on discretionary powers. Whereas immigration laws in Europe have come a long way since, discretionary powers did not disappear from the European legal landscape entirely. Rather, European migration law continues to include discretionary decision making on several occasions. My research suggests…

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International Regulatory Cooperation and its Judicial Review (by Pavlina Hubkova)

The research project studies the role of courts in global regulatory governance. It focuses on the question how courts deal with acts and norms issued by various non-state actors, especially acts that are legally non-binding. Researcher  Ms. Pavlina Hubkova – University of Luxembourg

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