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EU AFSJ Agencies and Bodies as Global Actors in the Fight against Crime: Accountability for Fundamental Rights Violations (by Elmin Omicevic)

To effectively prevent and combat transnational crime, EU agencies and bodies operating within the area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ) increasingly cooperate with countries outside the EU. Although the performance of external activities undoubtedly boosts their operational efficiency, it may also involve the violation of fundamental rights of individuals. This PhD project examines the extent to which EU AFSJ agencies and bodies can be held responsible, liable and accountable for fundamental rights violations in the performance of their external activities. The research will focus on the policy area of (human and tobacco) smuggling and will rely on a legal analysis that also draws on concepts and methods from other disciplines, as well as on empirical legal research by means of interviews.


Elmin Omicevic –

Utrecht University