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EULEN virtual lunch meeting

On 6 July, the first EULEN virtual lunch took place. Stanislaw Tosza, Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, chaired the lunch where Koen Bovend’Eerdt, PhD candidate at Utrecht University, made a short intervention on one of the most pertinent questions of EU enforcement integration: the issue of the determination of the applicable law and the protection of fundamental rights. Martin Böse, Professor of criminal law, criminal procedure and European and International criminal law at the University of Bonn, was also a discussant.

EU law enforcement authorities are embedded into – very different – national laws. These EU authorities must make decisions on where to investigate, to which Member State they transfer information, and where to opt for follow-up (punitive) action. These decisions can affect the legal position of the person concerned. How these choices are made? What interests are taken into account in the process? These were among the questions that Koen discussed, giving a special focus to the OLAF’s setting.