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Factual Administrative Action of the EU Administration (by Teresa Pareja Sánchez)

The topic of this doctoral thesis is the factual action of the EU direct administration. This type of administrative action does not fit within the forms of administrative action contemplated by the conceptual and doctrinal toolkit of traditional administrative law – essentially, rule, act and contract. Despite all this, factual administrative action must comply with certain legal requirements; and their infringement gives rise to legal consequences.  But both its regulation and the non-compliance consequences are necessarily different from the ones applicable in legally formalized administrative action.

The main goal of this thesis is to elucidate these peculiarities. Its relevance has a double projection. Firstly, factual action of the EU has become to be an extensive phenomenon during the last decade. Secondly, despite the growing importance of factual administrative action of the EU administration, its doctrinal treatment has so far been very limited, both in relation to the number of contributions and their scope.


Teresa Pareja Sánchez –

University of Castilla-La Mancha