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Legal implications of predictive enforcement: The use of artificial intelligence and technology in predicting and preventing crime (by Kelly Blount)

Kelly’s PhD research focuses on the evolution of criminal law enforcement. Namely, her research analyzes the legal implications of using technology and artificial intelligence in predicting and preventing crime. The concept of a risk society has been elevated by the injection of technology into criminal law enforcement, further increasing its relevance and in turn, the element of risk. This new and changing paradigm of security law also brings with it myriad issues for the individual. In the context of criminal law and procedure, the concept of the presumption of innocence must be newly constructed or stalwartly protected. As this framework and landscape evolves, so too must the legal system which sustains individual rights in the realm of security law. It is the goal of this research to support this growing legal body and make recommendations for its successful formulation.


Ms. Kelly Blount –

University of Luxembourg