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Machine-learning algorithms and regulatory agencies: Changing organizations and practices (by Lukas Lorenz)

Lukas’ PhD research focuses on the role of machine-learning algorithms in the regulatory domain. Regulatory agencies have a dual role in societies that increasingly rely on algorithms. First, regulatory agencies conduct oversight over the use of algorithms, which might require changes in their organizations and enforcement practices. Second, regulatory agencies use algorithms to improve their oversight, which might also lead to changes in their organizations and enforcement practices. However, we have so far only little information about both types of changes and what they could mean for the role of regulation in our society. Therefore, Lukas investigates how the development, implementation, and use of machine-learning algorithms changes regulatory agencies and their practices. Specifically, he conducts ethnographic research into Dutch national Inspectorates that have started to use risk-assessment algorithms in their oversight activities.


Lukas Lorenz –

Utrecht University