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Online lunch discussion: How can we make the EU Single Market resilient?

Date: 29 January 2021, 12.00h-13.00h

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has brought challenges to the proper functioning of the EU Single Market. These challenges include export restrictions among the EU Member States and the closing of borders affecting the free movement of people, products, food supply, to name but a few. How shall we deal with the crisis situation and yet ensure the values and freedoms of the EU Single Market? How can we make sure that restrictions imposed are in line with the existing laws and procedures and are enforced legitimately?

Olivier Linden (National Board of Trade of Sweden), Hans Mojet (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) and Sybe de Vries (Professor of EU Single Market and Fundamental Rights, Utrecht University) will discuss these developments with a view of looking for good practices and drawing lessons to follow. Maciej Bernatt (Director of CARS, University of Warsaw) will chair and steer the discussion.

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