Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)


19 February 2020
Brussels, Belgium

Opening of the EULEN network for policy makers and academics

The enforcement of EU policies and the common European Areas such as the internal market have proven to be challenging. One of the pertinent questions concerns the issue of who is better placed to enforce EU law and under what circumstances. When is it better to leave it up to the national level? What institutions – courts, agencies, the EU Commission – are better employed to play the role of the enforcer and when? This event aims to discuss these issues by bringing expert
practitioners, academics and young researchers together. This event is a part of the established Jean Monnet Network on EU Law Enforcement (EULEN).

The event opens the network, its plans, and its activities to EU and national policy makers. It offers an important opportunity for academics and policy-makers to connect to boost the discussion on the pertinent issues of EU law enforcement as well gain from each other’s knowledge to promote both research and practice of enforcement.