Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)


16 - 17 January 2020
Utrecht University

Opening of the EULEN network for the public

The enforcement of EU law and policies – whether they deal with securing our societies against transnational crime, the stability and competitiveness of our markets or migration or border management – are an essential part of Europe’s shared legal order. In a continuous dialectic process, the EU and its Member States are refining and redesigning national enforcement systems, as well as developing new models for transnational cooperation and centralized enforcement by EU authorities.

The Jean Monnet Network on EU Law Enforcement (EULEN) was convened to gather academics and practitioners to discuss these changes and challenges to advance academic, multi-disciplinary research and aid EU law enforcement practice and design. EULEN aims to boost research, teaching and dialogue in the area of EU enforcement four EU policy areas and to promote cross-sectoral cooperation to address the pertinent challenges for EU law enforcement:
a) to align models for effective law enforcement with rule of law standards in the shared legal order of the EU,
b) to obtain a fair balance between integrated enforcement of EU policies in national enforcement systems and the accommodation of a level playing field at the transnational and supranational levels, and
c) to adapt the enforcement of EU law to ongoing technological changes.

This opening event presents and discusses this network’s plans and ideas as well as offers a networking possibility for all its participants. Please, register to attend this event via EULEN@UU.NL.