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Vacancy – Doctorate Junior Researcher

The Rector of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Prof. Dr. Isabel Capeloa Gil, hereby announces the opening of an international selection tender for two vacancies of doctorate junior researcher to perform duties of scientific research, on an exclusivity basis, in the “See the Future: Sea, Environment and Natural Resources” project, the “Global Challenges of European Integration” project and the “Citizenship, solidarity and social inclusion” project, to be carried out at Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law, integrated in the Universidade Católica Portuguesa’s Faculty of Law, in Lisbon.

Admission requirements: Any national, foreign, and stateless candidate(s) who hold a doctorate degree in Law and a scientific and professional curriculum whose profile is suited for the activities to be performed can submit their applications. Additional requirements:
a) Scientific production in peer-reviewed indexed journals;
b) Proficiency in written and spoken English

The deadline for applications is 28th March 2022. For detailed information, see here: Junior Researcher UCP