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Accountability in the composite multi-jurisdictional system of GDPR enforcement (by Lisette Mustert)

The design of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an attempt at establishing a coherent and consistent data protection framework, backed by strong enforcement. While the GDPR offers a uniform system of substantive data protection rules, its enforcement is nonetheless entrusted mainly to national Data Protection Authorities. Cooperation takes place with the European Data Protection Board. This structure results in a multitude of national and European data protection authorities. The GDPR creates a complex cooperation procedure between these authorities and – partially – harmonized their competences and powers. Lisette’s PhD research focuses on how these complex composite procedures established by the GDPR can threaten both the effectiveness of enforcement of EU data protection law and the realization of individual rights in the process, and which accountability mechanisms are in place to ensure sufficient control over the actors in the enforcement network.


Lisette Mustert –

University of Luxembourg