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Free Markets and Democracy – The Role of EU Competition Law in Protecting the Right to Free and Plural Media on Traditional and New Media Markets (by Marta Sznajder)

In her research, Marta explores the relationship between free market and democracy through the lenses of EU and national competition laws. Given the global rise of populism and the crisis of liberal democracies, the interaction between free market, economic freedom, protection of undistorted competition, and the values underpinning liberal democracies, such as the rule of law, independence of judiciary and media pluralism have grown in relevance. As national competition authorities play a crucial role in the decentralized enforcement of competition law, a proper functioning of national competition law enforcement is a fundamental aspect of the EU internal market. In particular, Marta’s research analyses the extent to which EU and national competition laws can tackle the challenges posed by government interference and private platform power and ensure the fundamental right to free and plural media.


Marta Sznajder –

Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, University of Warsaw